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Last time we left off…

I was talking about the what and why of Tailwind CSS. The “what is it?” and “why would you use it?”. I also touched on a bit of how we would use it. Now see the problem with this is that I ultimately left myself a big hole to fill in for this blog post. Now I’ve done a good amount of my PokeDex, what do I do next?
Do I make another PokeDex?
Make another website?
Stop procrastinating and start doing my taxes?

A refresher for those who forgot what my PokeDex looked like.

Well, there’s more that we could do. …

Alright, I’ll be honest.

I am not a good writer. I may have chosen a boring topic. In fact, when comparing my classmates’ blog topics compared to mine, the things I’m going to do are not exactly…glamourous. Like one of my classmates is making a virtual reality game for this school project.



First things first: What.

What’s Tailwind? Well, Tailwind is a CSS framework that uses CSS styling that you can call within the HTML. …

Raymond Duong

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